Sitemap - 2023 - Wild Letters

November 2023: Big Surrender Energy

When you don't have any goals

The best you can do is the best you can do

What's Working: vol 16

Thursday Thread: Building community & cultivating a feeling of home

Embracing an ever-changing self

October 2023: making space for the things we care about most

What does it mean to live your values?

Wanting what you actually want

Thursday Thread: Who are you learning from?

What's Working: vol 15

Thursday Thread: Your particular flavor of procrastination

Portals of practice

The right-sizing of life and work

September 2023: marriage and farm animals and family angst - oh my!

What's Working: vol 14

Thursday Thread: Art that moves you

The courage to try again

Not waiting for rock bottom

If I already have more than enough, why do I keep buying things?

August 2023: everything is change

What's Working: vol 13

Spirals of intimacy

Progress doesn't always feel like progress

My recent $30,000 pay cut

What's Working: vol 12

July 2023: being in the messy middle

40 days without Instagram

Continuing the exploration of enoughness

It doesn't have to "mean" anything

Moving at your own pace

First you stop the bleeding

June 2023: you do not need to cannibalize your healing for "content"

Disintegration of self

What's Working: vol 11

What you do when no one is watching

The trap of wanting to be special

May 2023: self-compassion and quiet growth

The gifts of failure

Closing the gap

When to push, when to pivot, when to coast, when to quit

April 2023: we cannot control all the things

What's Working: vol 10

This is why we tell the truth

The integrity of enoughness

Take a deep breath, and let go

March 2023: investing in small delights

What's Working: vol 9

The Great Return

Insatiable hungers of the comparison monster

Thursday Thread: How are you feeling about social media?

A map of the invisible

February 2023: creating space for yourself

What's Working: vol 8

Practicing satisfaction

Book, book, book!

The double-edged sword of being needed

Rose Thorn Bud: a monthly reflection podcast

What happens when I trust myself?

What's Working: vol 7

What makes a home?

It will just take longer

The path you didn’t choose