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Rose Thorn Bud: a monthly reflection podcast

January 2023: breaking the all-or-nothing pattern

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Nic Antoinette
a monthly reflection podcast filled with thoughtful conversation and prompts for gentle goal-setting

Hi friends!

Rose Thorn Bud is a monthly podcast for paid subscribers of the Wild Letters newsletter. This month it is free for all subscribers!

In this series my friend Julia Hanlon and I talk about our real lives in real time — what’s working, what’s not working, what we’re learning, struggling with, celebrating, questioning, and more.

Here is the link to download a PDF journaling companion that includes all the prompts we talked through in our conversation. I hope it’s useful for all my fellow self-exploration nerds out there :)

And then here’s the link to the bingo card I talk about toward the end, as well as the link to Julia’s new retreat business.

Happy listening!