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Hello, dear reader. I’m so delighted that you’re here!

I’m Nic Antoinette, and most folks know me as a writer and a long-distance hiker.

August 2021, thru-hiking the Colorado Trail

I’m also the author of two adventure memoirs: HOW TO BE ALONE (April 2023) and WHAT WE OWE TO OURSELVES (January 2024).

Here at Wild Letters, each week I sit down to write to you by reflecting on the same anchoring question: What am I exploring within myself right now? Whatever emerges as the answer is what I write about.

Often times I am exploring how to live in the flow of an ever-changing self, as well as how to close the gap between what I say I want and what I actually do (without being an asshole to myself along the way).

The stories you’ll read here each week are infused with my deepest beliefs: about the importance of learning to trust yourself, about the permission to explore a less traditional path, about the power of not rushing, and of allowing yourself to change however and whenever you want — letting go of who you used to be as often as needed in order to meet who you are becoming next.

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May this little corner of the internet be a place of digital togetherness for us all, a place of curiosity and self-compassion, and a place where we are willing to ask ourselves the most supportive questions (even when those questions are hard, or when we feel like we don't have any answers at all). 

More soon—


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A weekly newsletter about self-exploration and crafting a right-fit life


Nic Antoinette is a writer, long-distance hiker, and the author of two adventure memoirs: HOW TO BE ALONE and WHAT WE OWE TO OURSELVES